Transform imagination to life

Bright Aromatics and Chemicals Company is professional distributor for South East Asia customers. The successes of our customer is our philosophy.

We select the top suppliers from their expertise area in ingredients around the world and delivery to our customers. All our business partner is realized on high quality product comply with international safety standard.

Bright Aromatics and Chemicals Company is not only distributor product to customer but we also help and support customer for the solution, innovation and development product in order to meet customer satisfactions. Our slogan is “Transform imagination to life”.

Our Product


Key Focus business of Bright Aromatics and Chemicals; Flavouring around the world both America and Asia with high quality and varieties of profile.

Essential oil and Fragrance

Natural essential oil and fragrance for cosmetics, and home use product in specific functional.

Sweetener and Extract

Natural ingredients for multipurpose such as Natural sweetness, Active ingredient for functional food, Natural coloring etc.

Juice and Taste Enhancer

Premium qualities of Juice especial Citrus family such as Lemon Juice, Yuzu juice. Not only Liquid form, we also have powder form for customer convenience handling.

Food Ingredients

One stop service for customers who looking for food ingredients which flexible of

varieties and quantity requirement.

Research and development

Product training, Idea generation prototype and advisory of product research to manufacture product for customer.

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Bright Aromatics and Chemicals Company


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